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Innovating medical imaging for the web

Ovela Solutions delivers innovative solutions for challenging web based imaging problems. Using a combination of JavaScript, React, WebGL and WebAssembly, we are bringing desktop grade medical imaging solutions to the web browser.



Front-End Development

Exceeding Expectations

Utilising JavaScript/React based frameworks and emerging technologies such as Web Assembly and general purpose GPU computing with WebGL, we bring desktop-grade medicial imaging solutions to the web browser.

DICOM Expertise

Committed to Standards

With expertise in the DICOM standard, we are commited to implementing best practices to ensure interoperability between different DICOM aware systems.

Open Source Advocates

Contributing Back

Although most of our business is private to our clients, some projects give us the pleasure of contributing back to open source projects.

We are proud contributors in the cornerstonejs, vtk-js and dcmjs open source communities on GitHub, making web based medical imaging more accessible for all.


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